Our Work

Our treatment is based upon a thorough understanding of the object: history, technique of execution, and factors causing deterioration. It is often the case, particularly for complex objects, that in order to obtain this information a preliminary assessment of the object and background research will be necessary. This information is compiled into a written and photographic format, normally with a digital backup. This first stage can be critical in determining the appropriate treatment and an accurate cost. The document can be extremely useful when seeking approval for work to be undertaken, grant aid and tendering purposes.

It is a matter of professional pride that we continually strive to use the most appropriate conservation materials and techniques while giving full regard to health and safety regulations.

We carry the normal insurance cover including professional indemnity.

A collection and delivery service is available.

Recent contracts

Saint Jude's, Kennington, London

Trinity College Chapel, Oxford

St Mary's, Balham, London

Interior decoration (mid-17th / early 19th century), Kew Palace

The Dacre Monument (c.1595), Chelsea Old Church, London

Leighton House, Holland Park, London

Triptych (Nathaniel Westlake 1894-5), St. Paulinus Church, Crayford

Interior wall decoration (early 20th century), Christ Church, Erith

Painted staircase hall (Rex Whistler, 1930), Hill Street, Mayfair