Triptych, St. Paulinus

Triptych (Nathaniel Westlake 1894-5), St. Paulinus Church, Crayford

The Italianate ‘quattrocentro’ style triptych consists of oil on canvas attached to an oak support, and originally formed part of a large reredos. During reordering of the interior in the early 1990s, the altar was dismantled and eventually the triptych was mounted on the wall of an adjacent chapel. While in this location it was affected by water infiltration causing severe delamination and distortion of the canvas.

The treatment, undertaken in collaboration with Trade Painting Services Ltd (easel painting restorers and specialists in the lining of paintings), consisted of partial detachment of the deformed canvases, relaxing and flattening the canvas prior to re-adhesion, overall cleaning, varnishing and retouching.

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The Triptych The painting of Christ, prior to restoration The painting of Christ, after restoration